SLQ-05 24V(Manual)

Product: SLQ Series
Model:SLQ-05 24V(Manual)
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Product Introduction:

Handheld DC powered electric hoist, with a safety clasp hook, an integrated swivel anchor hook, 2 pieces of 24 V Ni-MH batteries, and with 1000lbs of pulling power along its 4.6m/5.8mm wire rope, is a perfect lifting pulling tool for DIYers and tradesmen. When work takes you to more remote locations, it becomes tough coworkers to help you quickly and effortlessly complete tasks from pulling pipe to stretching wire fence.


The unique design makes it perfect for use in both horizontal and vertical applications, such as hoisting  beams, pipes or engines into place, pulling down /out foliage, dragging heavy items and even utility use with trailers and sports vehicles.

Product Features:

1. Lightweight portable tool to lift or move heavy objects, vertically and horizontally.

2. Run on a 24 V Ni-MH battery (2 batteries and charger included )

3. 1000lbs of pulling power along its 5.8mm/4.6M Aircraft grade galvanized wire rope.

4. Builtin industrial grade safety hook and hawse fairlead at wire rope end of tool and swiveling anchor hook at its base.

5. Two mode variable speed operation:

(1)  Variable speed mode: For short distance and fine load positioning.

(2)  Full speed mode: For long distance pulling.

6. Electronic load limiter with LED indicator protects the tool from overload.

7. Self-locking geartrain with dynamic braking.

Model SLQ-05(Manual)
Max.Capacity 1000lb/454 kg
Wire Rope Φ5.8mmx4.6m
Speed 5m/min
Motor 24 V Rechargeable Battery Pack
Lift Height 4.6m
Temperature Protection YES
Safety Device LED loading Display
N.W/G.W 8.2/10.8 kg
Packing 39.2*21*28.5 cm