SLQ-04(Remote Control)

Product: SLQ Series
Model:SLQ-04(Remote Control)
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Product Introduce:

Portable Traction Block is a portable electric tool which is powerful, light-weight, and easy- to- use. It is equipped with a powerful motor and remote control, which can help you to finish any complicated pulling and lifting work more efficiently.


Product Features:

1.Portable design makes it easy to handle and install. 

2. High-strength aircraft grade galvanized wire rope is used, which is wear-resisting and with high safety factor.

3.Unique motor heat sink and temperature protection prolong the lifetime of motor. 
4.Electronic load limiter with LED indicator protects the tool from overload.

5. Two ways of operation via button and remote control are safer.

Application field:

The product is widely used in construction, pipe fitting, iron work, equipment and product maintenance, farm and pasture, auto parts shops, warehouse, machinery works, room improvement, hunting, camping and other aspects. 

ModelSLQ-04(Remote Control )
Wire RopeΦ4.8mmx8m
VoltageAC 100-240V 50/60HZ
Power Source1200W
Lift Height8m
Temperature ProtectionYES
Safety DeviceLED loading Display